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At Iron City Polaris, we are your primary source in the Phoenix area for all Polaris® parts and accessories for your ATV needs. Consider us a one stop shop in Phoenix with our OEM parts source and Polaris® service center. This allows you to easily order GEM parts specific to your make and model without having the break the bank, or search other Phoenix vendors. Our huge inventory of OEM replacement parts ensures that you will have your Polaris® GEM back on the road quickly. We work on everything from ATVs to Polaris® Slingshots, so call us to have your Polaris® covered today!

Off-Roading Never Seemed So Easy

Our stock of ATV parts and accessories will have a perfect fit that functions seamlessly for your ATV. We have the best quality parts in the Phoenix area that can replace any exterior or interior ATV component. Our technicians have experience installing and repairing everything on an ATV, from axles to internal engine parts. After you service your ATV with us, you can expect only the most reliable and best quality ATV parts in the Phoenix area are fitted on your ride.

Maintaining Torque and Power in Your Side by Side

When you shop with Iron City Polaris® for side by side parts and accessories, you’re getting excellent customer service from an expert team of Phoenix outdoor enthusiasts. Our selection of OEM parts can ensure your side by side gets the exact part it needs. Side by sides offer a world class adventure, so get the parts and accessories you need to handle Phoenix’s terrain. The utility of these vehicles means the options are endless, so choose us for your Polaris® parts and accessory needs.

Charge Ahead in Your GEM Electric Vehicle With the Best Parts and Accessories

Polaris® GEM electric vehicles have the greatest passenger experience for cruising around Phoenix. Personal transportation with spacious seating makes this ride in Phoenix a must have. However, finding the right part or accessories for your GEM electric vehicle shouldn’t be difficult. That’s where we have you covered. Our inventory of Polaris® GEM parts can get your ride suited up and running smoothly through the Phoenix area. Call or schedule an appointment today, and we will gladly get your maintenance issue squared away.

Trailer Parts For the Long Haul

Iron City Polaris® is proud to serve Phoenix with a wide selection of trailer parts and accessories. We have expert technicians that are dedicated to servicing all your trailer needs. Our OEM parts source allows us to get you the factory-designed part for your trailer. The work demand on trailers in the Phoenix area can sometimes lead to parts or components breaking down — so call or schedule an appointment with us — and we can perform preventative and reactive maintenance with ease.

Become Immersed in the Outdoors With Iron City Polaris

There’s nothing better than hitting the trails with loved ones, which is why Iron City Polaris is excited to bring families and enthusiast the ATVs and off-road vehicles necessary to amplify the next outdoor journey. With the help of our team at our dealership in Phoenix, AZ, we can bring you great deals on new and used ATVs, side by sides, utility vehicles, trailers — even electric outdoor vehicles. Load up, hop on, and feel the breeze as you experience the outdoors like never before.

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